Here is the first of my “10 things I learned” posts that I will attempt to post roughly 12 times a year.

  1. Rihanna’s video ‘Umbrella’ is actually a satanic fuelled symbolic journey of selling her soul to the Devil. Some of the evidence of this is a bit of a leap but I can’t help feeling that there is some truth to it be it just artistry or part of some “New World Order” (nod nod wink wink). See this highly “entertaining” video on youtube – Music Industry Exposed or search for Lenon Honor. Incidentally I have no belief in most of what any of the related material is preaching. Think for yourselves people!
  2. The term “Eavesdropping” was coined because of the architectural structure just outside a house. An “eavesdrip” or “eavesdrop” is the area where the roof overhangs the walls of a house. Safe from the rain it is an ideal spot to listen in on the occupants and here all the saucy gossip. Do not try this at home or rather outside someone else’s home under risk of finding out hilarious and possibly black-mailable truths.
  3. Using Daemon Tools Pro combined with Daemon Tool Extensions you can actually mount a drive as if it were a USB stick. Very useful. Ish. This is a useful method of cloning a disc passed any verification of Securom.
  4. How to roll your r’s. To be clear I learnt ‘how to do it’. This does not mean I can actually do it. I’m practising though, so if you see me going through town sounding like I’m choking take a second before applying the Heimlich Manoeuvre. This youtube video helped me, I too have a small mouth (“although I dont say “right” quite as much).
  5. NASA and DARPA are combining forces to build an interplanetary spaceship. Expected at a horrendously optimistic time of a “couple of years” it’s enough to light the fires of hope for any of us brought up on Star Trek. Read more here
  6. There may well be time travellers amongst us! At least here are two pieces of “evidence” the first (see here) see’s a man watching in outlandish clothes looking a bit weird. Proof enough in itself surely! The second is the recently released film from Charlie Chaplin’s the circus (see here). Here a women appears to be talking on a mobile phone. Couple of questions here… How could she talk if there was no mobile network? And I doubt it could be a Sat phone. Interesting nevertheless. My advice when being unintentionally filmed try to do something very weird -  talk to your finger, start typing on your hand, wave your arms about as if seeing some huge hologram. I’m sure at some point in the future someone will notice you and you will become a famous time-travelling fool.
  7. Cryonics is the term for freezing a human person after they have died in an attempt to resuscitate at a later stage. The cost of this process is currently $28,000 (with a one-time $1750 charge for “membership”). Arrangements should also include transport and bedside care to ensure the body does not suffer from oxygen deprivation. For more information see the Cryonics Instute in Minnesota. I’m sold. Although the attraction is reduced with the knowledge that Britney Spears plans to be frozen. You just can’t avoid her!
  8. You cannot get a cold by being out in the cold / wet weather. The only thing being out in the cold does is lower your resistance to a virus you already have. Colds are more common in the winter as viruses prefer low humidity and people tend to spend more time indoors together spreading them. Dirty people.
  9. In flight plane food is actually quite good. Well, maybe not but, apparently its not as bad as we all think. Rather listening to the drone of the engines actually minimises our ability to taste salt and spices. Read more here
  10. Forget petrol, natural resources and the ozone. It is said that the chocolate industry could collapse “within 50 years”. Its the old matter of supply and demand. It has been predicted that the demand on chocolate will completely deplete all supplies of cocoa leading to no more Mars bars. Luckily scientists are hard at work trying to improve cocoa farming and prevent this global catastrophe.